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Indie Intros – Bones Atlas

Indie Intros 

Bones Atlas band pic2

Band / Artist NameBones Atlas

Band Members

Sammy Ackerman (Guitar/Vocals)

Jimmy Murray (Guitar)

Tim Stroh (Bass)

Glen Barker (Drums)


Town of origin – Sydney


Bones Atlas (Self-titled debut album) – 2011

Little Earthling (Second album) – 2015


Where does the Band’s name come from?

We had tossed around a number of names when first getting together as a group and the idea of “Atlas” was really interesting to us as a group of maps/minds all in one place. “Bones” came from the idea of something raw and common among all people. The Atlas bone is one of two bones connecting the spine to the skull and we liked this idea of human connection and the transmission of thought – this became “Bones Atlas”. The name Bones Atlas can also represent our vision of humans being made up of an atlas of bones, and in the end the name sounded cool and seemed to fit the group.



Describe your sound

Someone once described Bones Atlas as “Earth Soul Blues” – We play a mix of styles from Heavy Rock to funky ballads, to psychedelic progressive rock but always with the Blues being the glue in our sound. The aim of our sound is to be diverse, interesting, evocative and always soulful.



Where are you most at home, the studio or the stage?

Bones Atlas is predominantly a live band, so the stage is the natural home for us. We thrive from performing to audiences and draw energy from crowds. It is great to be able to play our songs live with the passion that is sometimes hard to capture in the studio and we really enjoy being able to extend jams and improvise sections of our tunes to make each show unique. The studio work we have done has been an amazing learning experience and we feel like we are becoming more confident to apply more layers of sound and experiment more as we move forward in the recording world. Each release will hopefully continue to grow and develop as the band continues to evolve musically.



Who influences you musically?

We have a really broad mix of musical influences, including Heavy Rock, Jazz, Reggae, Funk, Soul, Folk and much more but always being held together by a love of the Blues. A broad list of some of our main influences include such diverse artists as – The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Bob Marley & The Wailers, The Doors, Dave Matthews Band, Alice in Chains plus many more!



What comes first for you, lyrics or the music?

For Bones Atlas the music is usually the starting point in creating our tunes. Once we have a general vibe about a tune we are working up, we will talk about what kind of visual or emotional scene this music is creating in our minds and use that as the basis for the lyrics.



What’s your format of choice? How would you prefer to release music, Singles, Ep’s or Albums?

We prefer long form music listening – ideally at the highest possible audio quality. So for that reason Vinyl and CD are the formats of choice for our music listening. Low quality and highly compressed MP3 formats have created are something we would generally steer clear of – you enjoy the music so much more at a higher resolution. We enjoy listening to an albums worth of music – something that can play for 30-60 minutes or more! This gives the band or musician a chance to take you on a sonic journey. In terms of releasing music, a single is commonly pushed as the lead song to entice audiences to listen further to your entire album, back catalogue or even attend a live show!



If you got to curate a gig, who would be on the bill?

We would bring back to life the complete lineup of Woodstock ’69, Isle of Wight festival 1970 and the complete cast of The Rolling Stones’ Rock n Roll Circus… Too much to ask?  If we had to be serious, a great lineup of current Australian talent – Tame Impala, Courtney Barnett, POND, and King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard. (Maybe still too optimistic!)



Any gigs coming up?

OxJam Stanmore Laneway festival – Sat September 19th as a part of Oxjam (various events raising money for OXFAM)

Brass Monkey, Cronulla – Thursday Oct 22nd

Secret Halloween show – Friday 30th October

Indie Intros – Burn Antares

Indie Intros


burn antares2

Band / Artist Name – Burn Antares

Band Members – Sean, Thom, Grace, Tom and Daniel

Town of Origin – Sydney

Releases – Burn Antares EP (2013), Fur Coat and the Peace Boat EP (2015)

Describe your sound – Deep Space Underground Pop


Where does the Band’s name come from? 

It is referencing the work of Dr Seuss’ dark spoken-word project. It was vastly unpopular due to the near-absurd amount of biblical violence it contained, but it was without a doubt one of the defining works of the 20th century that never actually existed.


Where are you most at home, the studio or the stage?

Both are cosy enough for us. The stage is great because we all love performing, but the studio is a great opportunity to experiment and create some really wild stuff.


Who influences you musically? 

Carl Sagan’s synth-pop band, ‘Cars’ by Gary Numan, Daft Punk’s future albums.


What comes first for you, lyrics or the music?

This is always fluid, depending on the nature of the song, but recently we’ve been having success


What’s your format of choice? How would you prefer to release music, Singles, Ep’s or Albums? 

Obviously an album is the ideal format to allow you to stretch your musical phalanges, but that will have to wait until we sign away our souls for a few ridiculously large cheques (or we could get ourselves organised…)


If you got to curate a gig, who would be on the bill? 

Bowie, along with a large number of his convincing impersonators.


Any gigs coming up

King Street Crawl in Sydney, September 6. Plus more to come, so keep yer eyes peeled!

EAST INDIA YOUTH New Album Culture Of Volume Out Now

EAST INDIA YOUTH – New Album Culture Of Volume Out Now

east india youth2

East India Youth - Culture Of Volume is out now via XL Recordings / Remote Control.

Over the last year, London-based East India Youth has combined strikingly original music with euphoric live performances and has quickly become recognised as one of the most experimental and captivating artists around.

Culture Of Volume is a dizzying achievement, especially given that it was — much like his debut — mainly recorded on his own, in his bedroom at home in London. He explains: “I always wanted to make quite sophisticated music using very unsophisticated means.” (It should be said however, that he got by with a little help from his friends.

Some of the tracks feature string parts laid down by Hannah Peel; legendary producer for the likes of British Sea Power and These New Puritans, Graham Sutton, is credited with mixing the album and visual artist Dan Tombs created the artwork inspired by Andy Warhol’s experiments with computer technology.)

When William Doyle first performed live as East India Youth in November 2012 to a dozen people in a tiny Dalston basement venue, it was remarkable that he made it through the entire 25 minute gig without incident. He was using a knackered Macbook with a malfunctioning USB port, an antiquated mixer and a Casio MT45 keyboard bought off eBay for £15.

Over the next years he moved on from that first performance as he released the Hostel EP in 2013 and then his critically acclaimed debut album Total Strife Forever in January 2014, which would go on to be nominated for the Mercury Prize. He went on tour with Factory Floor, supported These New Puritans and by the Summer of 2014 became a big festival draw in his own right.

It was time for East India Youth as a project to step out of the shadows and into the light; it was time to leave the hinterland and claim the centre stage space as his own.

East India Youth – Culture Of Volume is out now via XL Recordings / Remote Control. 



Chuck says if you can get yourself to these gigs, do so, awesome line ups!!

syd gizzfest

The band will announce the venue, date and supports for GIZZFEST in each a different capital city in what will be their most ambitious tour yet. Keep an eye out on their Facebook for more details. Expect the best kind of chaos. Today, the Gizz are excited to announce the Melbourne details for GIZZFEST. Melbourne GIZZFEST will involve three shows of multi-stage mayhem at the Corner Hotel in Richmond with one all ages show and two 18+ shows featuring 28 killer bands and a bunch of other fruity accompaniments to suit.


CORNER HOTEL (All Ages) 1-5pm

featuring in no particular order
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard | Dreamin’ Wild | Love Migrate | Atolls | Sleep Decade 
Tix from

CORNER HOTEL (18+) 6pm-1am

featuring in no particular order
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard | The Murlocs | Babe Rainbow | Scott & Charlenes Wedding | Sewerside | Contrast 
The Kremlings | Sagamore | The SMB | Crepes |Drunk Mums | Destrends

Tix from

CORNER HOTEL (18+) 5pm-12pm

featuring in no particular order
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard | Dave Graney & the Mistly | Harry Howard & the NDE | The Pink Tiles 
Fucking Teeth | Tiny Giants | White Bleaches | Mangelwerzel | Davey Lane |Zig Zag | ORB | The Dead Heir

plus visuals and other stuff we haven’t worked out yet
Tix from


King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard have released their new video for ‘The River’ . The single features on their forthcoming LP ‘Quarters’ out Friday 1st May via Flightless / Remote Control Records. On top of that, the band have been kept busy by creating the insane album launch tour GIZZFEST.



king gizzard2







It’s a unique band that finds itself cherished as a bona fide legend in the ARIA Hall of Fame while not only remaining a virtual enigma to the world that knows its name but also remains as consistent and as relevant as any band even half their age.


This year sees the church celebrate their 35th year of making music and it’s nothing short of incredible to consciously consider what this band has seen, done and where they find themselves sitting in a comfortable place in the otherwise fickle industry today. For example, how many Aussie bands (or any band for that matter) can boast the aforementioned South By South West performance and interview (with legendary US Rolling Stone Editor David Fricke), and a coveted slot at Spanish tastemaking festival Primavera Sound after 35 years of making music? How many bands can boast an accidental signature tune and certified classic while releasing an equally relevant and universally-acclaimed 25th album and then embarked on a near sold-out US and European tour? How many bands can boast a star-swollen guest list of famous fans like The Smiths, The Killers, The Smashing Pumpkins, Afghan Whigs and Brian Jonestown Massacre?


All these accolades and all these fans are the beyond-crazy culmination of 35 years of trials and tribulations and, most recently, the triumphant release of their 25th studio album Further/Deeper.


Now, the band – along with newest member, guitarist Ian Haug of Powderfinger – are excited to announce the once-in-a-lifetime national concert tour presented by TheMusic – Further Deeper – The Blurred Crusade this July to all five major cities in Australia.


the church will play two sets – the first revisiting one of the band’s most notable and loved albums The Blurred Crusade and the second a monster contemporary set of highlights from the future classic Further/Deeper album, plus a few other favourites.


The Blurred Crusade features some of the band’s most defining songs including ‘Almost With You’ and ‘Don’t Look Back’. Frontman Steve Kilbey explains the idea behind highlighting The Blurred Crusade again as part of this historical time in the band’s life.


“The Blurred Crusade was where the church turned into themselves. Lushly produced by Bob Clearmountain, this album is obviously one of our early highlights and still remarkably sounds fresh 33 years later.”


In another first, the band have just capped off their SXSW with a featured speaker spot hosted by legendary US Rolling Stone Senior Editor David Fricke. The interview was a rare opportunity for both fans of the band and Fricke alike to look back on the how both parties continue to stay relevant in a world full of fleeting trends. A gallery can be found here.


Tickets for Further Deeper – The Blurred Crusade are on sale Thursday April 16 and eager fans can sign up to a presale (starting Tuesday April 14) via the church mailing list at



hard ons

A staggering 30 years after their inaugural live concert at the Vulcan Hotel in Ultimo, Sydney, the Hard-ons have delivered to the world a mesmerising document of their current incarnation. Witness: PEEL ME LIKE A EGG.

An unusual Hard-ons album to be sure, PEEL ME LIKE A EGG is a concise (13 tracks, 30 minutes) explosion of mega-rock riffage (“Burning up on Re-entry”), epic black metal (“Ain’t got no guardian angel”), moody and lush pop (“Close to the ground”), new-wave pop (Clumsy little oaf I am”) and (perhaps the Hard-ons’ most famous trait) volatile and catchy power-pop (“Shadow Shelf”).

PEEL ME LIKE A EGG is the Hard-ons’ first album with current drummer Murray Ruse. Incredibly it also features original drummer/vocalist Keish de Silva on backing vocals. Together they contribute in turn propulsive, unhinged and exciting rhythm and lush melodic elements. Paradoxically, PEEL ME LIKE A EGG is the Hard-ons’ most adventurous yet accessible album to date – precisely because of the serious lack of fluff. Every note, every roll, and every crackle is made accountable on this album, and every contribution is completely unwasted, no doubt due to the ridiculously experienced nature of Blackie’s monolithic song-writing and the band’s musicianship, as well as the explosive and dynamic production from award-winning producer Chris Townend (Silverchair, Portishead) with whom the boys have had a relationship that spans over two decades.

The 30 minutes of power-punching is housed in a glorious and surreal sleeve designed by the artist-in-residence, bassist Ray Ahn. PEEL ME LIKE A EGG is a diamond hard documentation of perhaps the most unusual and long lasting underground rock career in Australia. Show-casing bare-chested glory AND clear, concise studio concepts, PEEL ME LIKE A EGG is yet another essential check-point in an utterly unique and superb talent that is the Hard-ons.

Now, even BETTER news. Back from an incredible sojourn of Buenos Aires where the band played to over 800 fans over two shows, the Hard-ons are launching the above-mentioned album over two glorious nights. Show-cased will be tunes from their entire career with highlights sure to be tracks from the brain-melting “PEEL ME LIKE A EGG” opus!

Friday, 24th April 2015
Brisbane, Crowbar – QLD
guests: Goon On The Rocks & Walken

Satruday, 25th April 2015
Melbourne, The Tote Hotel – VIC
guests: Chainsaw Hookers, Batpiss, Flour



courtney b2

Courtney Barnett has released the devastatingly beautiful and poignant video for ‘Kim’s Caravan’ from her debut album Sometimes I Sit And Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit, an album which recently debuted at number #10 on the US Billboard album sales charts and #4 on the ARIA charts at home in Australia . ‘Kim’s Caravan’ will be released as a special Record Store Day 12″ and is paired with a gorgeous and intimate recording of John Cale’s ‘Close Watch’ as the B-Side.

Check It Out HERE!

Courtney tells us some background about the track which is written in part about environmental concerns for the Great Barrier Reef saying ‘Kim’s Caravan‘ is an apocalyptic tale of our world painted black with oil and soot, painted red with blood and greed. The song was born when blessed with time to reflect, feeling the frustration and helplessness of the destruction of my environment and the litter of humans within it. It was partly inspired by watching Black Rain Falls, a documentary about Midnight Oil’s concerts out the front of the Exxon building in NYC in 1990″. These issues and concerns are also depicted in the cover art drawn by Courtney especially for this release.

Sometimes I Sit And Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit is out now in Australia via Milk! Records / Remote Control Records.


Wrestpoint, Hobart TAS
w/ Tiger Choir (**Teeth & Tongue not appearing in Hobart)

The Gov, Adelaide, SA

The Gov, Adelaide, SA

The Bakery, Perth, WA

The Bakery, Perth, WA

The Metro, Sydney, NSW

The Metro, Sydney, NSW

The Hifi, Brisbane, QLD

The Forum, Melbourne, VIC

The Forum, Melbourne, VIC

The Forum, Melbourne, VIC

SOAK Shares new video for ‘Blud’

SOAK Shares new video for ‘Blud’


SOAK has unveiled a video for the official release of forthcoming-single ‘Blud’, ahead of the arrival of her debut album via Rough Trade / Remote Control. Before We Forgot How To Dream is due Friday 29th May. Watch ‘Blud’ here
Filmed between Derry, London and her nationwide tour of skate-parks, the video to ‘Blud’ documents SOAK’s whirlwind start to 2015 (and the go-karting track, mini-golf course or basement house-parties waiting back at home).  Lyrically, it’s a tender but timeless snapshot of a relationship in distress: ‘Blud’ was actually written shortly before SOAK’s parents separated, after Bridie lay on the floor in an attempt to listen in on an argument. An early version of the track was released by CHVRCHES’ singles-label last year, with singer Lauren Mayberry writing for NME at the time: “I was struck by the quality of SOAK’s songwriting, the individuality of her voice and the depth of her lyrics. Age be damned – talent shouts louder.”

‘Blud’ has since become a focal point of SOAK’s forthcoming debut album, Before We Forgot How To Dream – already compared with the likes of Laura Marling and Beach House, it’s a record which traces Bridie’s extraordinary journey in her career thus far, and also tackles those more universal themes of friendship, family or what to do with your future. She started writing songs at the age of thirteen, before an early demo of ‘Sea Creatures’ lit a fuse which picked up the attention of BBC Introducing and also saw A&R board the next flight to Derry (parking up outside the unsuspecting Monds-Watson household). Yet SOAK rushed into nothing, continuing to find her confidence as an artist and as a young woman. Having toured in the school holidays – Tegan & Sara, George Ezra – got her first tattoo (of 19) and completed her studies, things moved forward in 2014, when the soft-release of ‘Blud’ won widespread acclaim and ultimately led to a deal with Rough Trade the same summer most of her friends got their A-Level results.

On its surface, Before We Forgot How To Dream may initially appear nostalgic – romantic, even – towards a more innocent time. But despite the tumultuous tone which actually lingers beneath the record, there is still a persistently uplifting element to SOAK’s music. People grow up and nobody believes in Magic anymore, or you’re told to lower your expectations and that certain behaviour isn’t appropriate. This album is definitely about that time when you believed a bit more in things. You’d venture that belief will take SOAK further yet in her career, though ultimately her debut album seems to explore those joys and fears we take with us through life, from adolescence into adulthood – but simply get a little better at hiding.

SOAK – Before We Forgot How To Dream is out Friday 29 May via Rough Trade / Remote Control.





Melbourne’s Pearls have today released the new video for album title track ‘Pretend You’re Mine’. The track is lifted from their debut album Pretend You’re Mine which was released worldwide in February 2015 via Dot Dash / Remote Control Records.
Of the clip the band’s Cassandra Kiely (vocals/keyboard) says:

“The first spark of inspiration for the clip came by way of a hazy hangover, with the girls watching the Marc Bolan TV show in bed after a night out. It was the perfect comedown, Bolan in his bright pink satin suit, struttin around singing ‘Ride A White Swan’. The ladies adored the visuals and wanted to replicate that kind of sleazy, 70’s, tongue in cheek feel. The boys agreed and thus, the concept was put to Nicky White; director and close friend of the band. Nicky loved the idea of making a set in homage to the show and we roped in a bunch of darlings to help make it happen. Alden Epp stars in the clip as our bands mascot, the Pearls angel glitter baby! Nicky really did the rest, he ran wild with the concept and we are so happy with how it turned out. If you look closely you can see a white swan in the film clip for Pretend You’re Mine. Its our little ode to the wizard of glam, he ain’t no square with his corkscrew hair, the one and only Marc Bolan!”




Melbourne three-piece Pearls formed in 2011 and since have made shimmering sounds that float above their peers. In their time as a band Pearls have supported the likes of Kurt Vile, Marnie Stern, Sons & Daughters, and a myriad of local bands including Crime and City Solution, Sunbeam Sound MachineTotal ControlNew War. In 2013 Pearls released a split 7” on Glaswegian label RE:PEATER Records and recorded a cover of The Standells’ ‘Dirty Water’ for an Australian 40th Anniversary Nuggets compilation. Pearls’ self-titled debut EP was full of reverb-drenched, ethereal vocals and a hefty dose of beautiful noise.

Pearls will join Oh Mercy as main support on their upcoming ‘Sandy’ Single Launch Tour playing Sydney on Wednesday April 22nd at the Newtown Social Club and in Melbourne on Saturday 25th April at The Gasometer.

MANY THINGS New video ‘Holy Fire’

MANY THINGS  New video ‘Holy Fire’ 

many things

n alien from outer space, an injured bride, an amputee-hipster and zombie army soldier make up some of the fascinating mismatch of characters symbolising society in Many Things’ video for new single ‘Holy Fire’.

The apocalyptic clip is set in a postindustrial dystopian wasteland and was filmed in Amsterdam under the guidance of director Simon Green (XX Teens).


Many Thing’s Macks Faulkron explains “The idea began with the birth of the gold alien coming to earth to preach the lyrics of ‘Holy Fire’.  It came to life after many long chats with Simon and from our wacky imaginations and enjoyment of playing around with music and image”.

A barrage of electro sounds, driving percussion and call-and-response chants, ‘Holy Fire’ was inspired by Jon Hopkins’ notion of envisioning mixes as 3D shapes in infinite environments. The single is the first taste of their much-anticipated debut album “Burn Together” to be released in 2015 via Dew Process/Universal Music Australia.

Many Thing’s forthcoming debut album “Burn Together” follows last year’s ‘What We Are’ EP

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