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2BOB Radio 104.7FM Taree NSW.

Chuck Nuggetts is a Drive’n’Home DJ Broadcasting on 2BOB Radio 104.7FM in the Manning Valley NSW Australia. Presenting Indie music based shows Tuesday & Thursday 5pm – 7pm

Also broadcast from 2BOB Radio 104.7FM Taree is The Other Window, featuring Electronica, Post Rock, Experimental, Ambient, Industrial, Freak Folk, Americana and Avant-Garde Tuesday nights 7pm – 9pm

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MP3 Policy

MP3 / Music Policy  


Only legal downloads will be posted – if you are an artist / label / rep / whatever, please send links from your own sites for me to link to.


Personally I have discovered great bands by downloading legal mp3’s posted on blogs or by the artist / label on their websites. Bands I would otherwise have ignored and not followed up on.


Legal mp3 downloads are a win for the artist, label AND the fans.


Please don’t send WAV / MP3 files through to email address. Our download capacity simply couldn’t cope with it.


Please provide a link to a cloud based download, or preferably:


Chuck’s preference is for hardcopy! (that’s right folks, Chuck is a cd fetishist, I like the feel of a cd, the sometimes dodgy cases, the liner notes, the artwork on the cover – all these things should always be a part of the release of music)


Please send promo CDs to


“Chuck Nuggetts” at RMB47 Bulga Road Bobin NSW 2429 Australia,




“Chuck Nuggetts” at 2BOB Radio PO Box 400 Taree NSW 2430Australia


To send MP3’s, download links, press releases etc.


Email chuck(at)

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