EAST INDIA YOUTH New Album Culture Of Volume Out Now

EAST INDIA YOUTH – New Album Culture Of Volume Out Now

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East India Youth - Culture Of Volume is out now via XL Recordings / Remote Control.

Over the last year, London-based East India Youth has combined strikingly original music with euphoric live performances and has quickly become recognised as one of the most experimental and captivating artists around.

Culture Of Volume is a dizzying achievement, especially given that it was — much like his debut — mainly recorded on his own, in his bedroom at home in London. He explains: “I always wanted to make quite sophisticated music using very unsophisticated means.” (It should be said however, that he got by with a little help from his friends.

Some of the tracks feature string parts laid down by Hannah Peel; legendary producer for the likes of British Sea Power and These New Puritans, Graham Sutton, is credited with mixing the album and visual artist Dan Tombs created the artwork inspired by Andy Warhol’s experiments with computer technology.)

When William Doyle first performed live as East India Youth in November 2012 to a dozen people in a tiny Dalston basement venue, it was remarkable that he made it through the entire 25 minute gig without incident. He was using a knackered Macbook with a malfunctioning USB port, an antiquated mixer and a Casio MT45 keyboard bought off eBay for £15.

Over the next years he moved on from that first performance as he released the Hostel EP in 2013 and then his critically acclaimed debut album Total Strife Forever in January 2014, which would go on to be nominated for the Mercury Prize. He went on tour with Factory Floor, supported These New Puritans and by the Summer of 2014 became a big festival draw in his own right.

It was time for East India Youth as a project to step out of the shadows and into the light; it was time to leave the hinterland and claim the centre stage space as his own.

East India Youth – Culture Of Volume is out now via XL Recordings / Remote Control. 

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