Indie Intros – Bones Atlas

Indie Intros 

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Band / Artist NameBones Atlas

Band Members

Sammy Ackerman (Guitar/Vocals)

Jimmy Murray (Guitar)

Tim Stroh (Bass)

Glen Barker (Drums)


Town of origin – Sydney


Bones Atlas (Self-titled debut album) – 2011

Little Earthling (Second album) – 2015


Where does the Band’s name come from?

We had tossed around a number of names when first getting together as a group and the idea of “Atlas” was really interesting to us as a group of maps/minds all in one place. “Bones” came from the idea of something raw and common among all people. The Atlas bone is one of two bones connecting the spine to the skull and we liked this idea of human connection and the transmission of thought – this became “Bones Atlas”. The name Bones Atlas can also represent our vision of humans being made up of an atlas of bones, and in the end the name sounded cool and seemed to fit the group.



Describe your sound

Someone once described Bones Atlas as “Earth Soul Blues” – We play a mix of styles from Heavy Rock to funky ballads, to psychedelic progressive rock but always with the Blues being the glue in our sound. The aim of our sound is to be diverse, interesting, evocative and always soulful.



Where are you most at home, the studio or the stage?

Bones Atlas is predominantly a live band, so the stage is the natural home for us. We thrive from performing to audiences and draw energy from crowds. It is great to be able to play our songs live with the passion that is sometimes hard to capture in the studio and we really enjoy being able to extend jams and improvise sections of our tunes to make each show unique. The studio work we have done has been an amazing learning experience and we feel like we are becoming more confident to apply more layers of sound and experiment more as we move forward in the recording world. Each release will hopefully continue to grow and develop as the band continues to evolve musically.



Who influences you musically?

We have a really broad mix of musical influences, including Heavy Rock, Jazz, Reggae, Funk, Soul, Folk and much more but always being held together by a love of the Blues. A broad list of some of our main influences include such diverse artists as – The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Bob Marley & The Wailers, The Doors, Dave Matthews Band, Alice in Chains plus many more!



What comes first for you, lyrics or the music?

For Bones Atlas the music is usually the starting point in creating our tunes. Once we have a general vibe about a tune we are working up, we will talk about what kind of visual or emotional scene this music is creating in our minds and use that as the basis for the lyrics.



What’s your format of choice? How would you prefer to release music, Singles, Ep’s or Albums?

We prefer long form music listening – ideally at the highest possible audio quality. So for that reason Vinyl and CD are the formats of choice for our music listening. Low quality and highly compressed MP3 formats have created are something we would generally steer clear of – you enjoy the music so much more at a higher resolution. We enjoy listening to an albums worth of music – something that can play for 30-60 minutes or more! This gives the band or musician a chance to take you on a sonic journey. In terms of releasing music, a single is commonly pushed as the lead song to entice audiences to listen further to your entire album, back catalogue or even attend a live show!



If you got to curate a gig, who would be on the bill?

We would bring back to life the complete lineup of Woodstock ’69, Isle of Wight festival 1970 and the complete cast of The Rolling Stones’ Rock n Roll Circus… Too much to ask?  If we had to be serious, a great lineup of current Australian talent – Tame Impala, Courtney Barnett, POND, and King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard. (Maybe still too optimistic!)



Any gigs coming up?

OxJam Stanmore Laneway festival – Sat September 19th as a part of Oxjam (various events raising money for OXFAM)

Brass Monkey, Cronulla – Thursday Oct 22nd

Secret Halloween show – Friday 30th October

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