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Indie Intros


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Band / Artist Name – Burn Antares

Band Members – Sean, Thom, Grace, Tom and Daniel

Town of Origin – Sydney

Releases – Burn Antares EP (2013), Fur Coat and the Peace Boat EP (2015)

Describe your sound – Deep Space Underground Pop


Where does the Band’s name come from? 

It is referencing the work of Dr Seuss’ dark spoken-word project. It was vastly unpopular due to the near-absurd amount of biblical violence it contained, but it was without a doubt one of the defining works of the 20th century that never actually existed.


Where are you most at home, the studio or the stage?

Both are cosy enough for us. The stage is great because we all love performing, but the studio is a great opportunity to experiment and create some really wild stuff.


Who influences you musically? 

Carl Sagan’s synth-pop band, ‘Cars’ by Gary Numan, Daft Punk’s future albums.


What comes first for you, lyrics or the music?

This is always fluid, depending on the nature of the song, but recently we’ve been having success


What’s your format of choice? How would you prefer to release music, Singles, Ep’s or Albums? 

Obviously an album is the ideal format to allow you to stretch your musical phalanges, but that will have to wait until we sign away our souls for a few ridiculously large cheques (or we could get ourselves organised…)


If you got to curate a gig, who would be on the bill? 

Bowie, along with a large number of his convincing impersonators.


Any gigs coming up

King Street Crawl in Sydney, September 6. Plus more to come, so keep yer eyes peeled!

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