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Review: The Occupants – Hindsight EP

Artist: The Occupants

Album: Hindsight EP

Label: Pavement Records

Date: November 2014

Rating: 71/100



the occupants


Fantastic opening salvo from a promising Aussie three piece featuring former Cogs.

I’m a fan of the EP format, has to be said straight up, and this one joins a long distinguished list of stunning Aussie EPs released this year from bands like Lunatics on Pogostics, Fox & Fowl, Orphans Orphans & Little May.


The combination of Flynn & Luke Gower (ex Cog) with now permanent Occupant Leigh Davies (ex Sleep Parade) has sparked a new creative step. Returning to the hills of Byron Bay to record with producer Forrester Savell, where they first recorded under the Occupants moniker for their 2013 single and EP closer, the band obviously works well together.


The EP opener and title track Hindsight opens with the stunning voice of Gower, Strong, bold, singular and backed by a building indie rock track with a great hook chorus that leaves you humming long after the track has spun. To me on this track more than the others Gowers voice is remarkable, reminiscent at times of Mandawuy Yunupingu from Yothu Yindi.


Momentum lets up a touch on Streets, but it’s still a great slowburner of a track. Wonderland is just blissful anthemic indie electro rock with Banjo! & EP closer I’ve Been Thinking is another corker of a track worthy of being their first single. A few spins of this EP has me enthralled with the voice this guy has, like a composite of ten or so great voices compressed into the one throat.


Yep, for sure you can hear a smidge of Cog here, a sniff of a progressive riff there. But brimming under the surface of these tracks is also an undercurrent of post rock gone large with a grunge pop sentiment. Personally if you listen to an album and start to wonder and hope what will come on the next album, the band has done well.



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The Occupants Debut EP – Hindsight

The Occupants 
Debut EP – Hindsight
Available now from theoccupants.bigcartel.com/product/hindsight-ep
the occupants


Well… after another long, difficult pregnancy, complications and a near-caesarean, that rare and special time has finally arrived again as The Occupants give birth to their fourth track, “Hindsight”.

As with their previous sessions, the bulk of the recording went down at Byron Bay’s Music Farm Studios, and they enlisted the very handsome and lanky Forrester Savell to resume his gig as midwife, creative svengali, desk helmsman and producer-extraordinaire to deliver this beautiful baby… and that’s where all birthing analogies will cease and desist before they get too, er, laboured. Ahem.

Once again, gun-for-hire, Troy Wright, was engaged to smash out the drums, and as you’d expect, he totally owned the kit. Likewise, ex-Sleep Parade and all-round talent Leigh Davies continued to apply his inimitable colour and texture to all facets of the music. In fact, seeing as Leigh had been collaborating with Flynn and Luke Gower (ex-Cog) pretty much constantly since they released first single “I’ve Been Thinking”, Leigh’s presence has been acknowledged by being made a full-time member of The Occupants.

“Hindsight” (which clocks in at just over 9 minutes for the extended version) was yet another challenging concoction of varying musical components that was eventually somehow wove into a song. They’d say more except they feel it always comes across as kind of pretentious when they blab on about their “inspiration”, the meaning behind their lyrics, or what brand of incense they lit in the studio, etc. so they thought it was best that the song speak for itself and leave it up to the listener to decide.

You can stream Hindsight until Nov 30th here

YACHT – “Where Does This Disco?” EP OUT NOW via Create/Control | Downtown Records

YACHT – “Where Does This Disco?” EP OUT NOW via Create/Control | Downtown Records


In celebration of the release of their EP, “Where Does This Disco?” YACHT are sharing the new song ‘Terminal Beach’ with fans for streaming and download. The track is an homage to science fiction writer J.G. Ballard’s ruined visions of a post human world, with “ancient desktops / cables run into in the sand / full of messages / for nobody / that nobody ever found.”
Listen to “Terminal Beach” HERE!
Where Does This DiscoEP is about the ways in which people and technology come into contact through nostalgia, love, sex, and eventually, disaster according to the LA-based Jona Bechtolt and Claire L. Evans. Where Does This Disco? is about love and compact discs. They’re both on the edge of becoming obsolete, and they both get scratched if you play them too hard. They’re both mirrors, but one is still the best medium we have for connecting with each other”.

In October, Claire and Jona were invited to speak at Skywalker Ranch as part of WIRED Magazine’s inaugural design conference, WIRED by Design. In their talk, they outlined how they transform songs into multimedia experiences that span product design, performance, and video. In particular, they discussed how they created an editioned object for the Where Does This Disco? EP that explored the compact disc as a medium; it includes hidden messages and an unplayable clear disc containing the entirety of YACHT’s musical catalogue. WIRED Magazine summed up YACHT’s process as “music not as a thing in itself, but the beginning of a chain of experience which has no edge.”

Swans New EP ‘Oxygen’ Out Nov. 24 via Create/Control | Mute + Touring January 2015

Swans To Release ‘Oxygen’ EP Out November 24 via Create/Control | Mute
+ Touring Australia January 2015

SWANS have announced the release of a four track EP, “Oxygen” to be released November 24, 2014. Featuring an edit of ‘Oxygen’ by Mute founder Daniel Miller, a live version from Primavera, an early version recorded at Gira’s home and an acoustic version recorded at StudioMute, the title track of the four-track EP is taken from their latest album, To Be Kind, out now via Create/Control | Mute.

Listen to Daniel Miller’s edit of Oxygen here:
Swans have just confirmed their return to Australia in early 2015 with appearances at Sugar Mountain Festival and MOFO as well as headline shows in both Melbourne and Sydney.
Swans are Michael Gira, Norman Westberg, Christoph Hahn, Phil Puleo, Thor Harris and Christopher Pravdica. Formed in 1982 and, after disbanding in 1997, returned with the critically acclaimed albums ‘My Father Will Guide Me Up A Rope To The Sky’ (2010), ‘The Seer’ (2012) and this year’s To Be Kind – which was awarded the #1 slot in The Quietus’ Albums of the Year So Far and featured in MOJO, Drowned In Sound, The 405, Rolling Stone and many more mid-year lists.

Saturday, 17 January || Hobart, TAS – MOFO Festival

Tuesday, 20 January  || Melbourne, VIC – Corner Hotel

Thursday, 22 January || Sydney, NSW – Manning Bar

Saturday, 24 January  || Melbourne, VIC – Sugar Mountain Festival