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Scattered Order play the Hamilton Station Hotel in Newcastle Dec. 20th

Scattered Order are back on stage!!! Catch their singular take on music as they assault the senses and fend off melody for a night of strange sounds at the Hamilton Station Hotel in Newcastle December 20 at 9pm!!

The band that founded the legendary Australian post punk M Squared label in 1980 has been confounding listeners for decades with their genre bending approach to sound. After an outstanding European tour in November 2012 Scattered Order will perform their latest album “Puppy Frequencies”, which showcases this unclassifiable noise making group at a new peak in their long and respected career.


scattered order tour

Swans New EP ‘Oxygen’ Out Nov. 24 via Create/Control | Mute + Touring January 2015

Swans To Release ‘Oxygen’ EP Out November 24 via Create/Control | Mute
+ Touring Australia January 2015

SWANS have announced the release of a four track EP, “Oxygen” to be released November 24, 2014. Featuring an edit of ‘Oxygen’ by Mute founder Daniel Miller, a live version from Primavera, an early version recorded at Gira’s home and an acoustic version recorded at StudioMute, the title track of the four-track EP is taken from their latest album, To Be Kind, out now via Create/Control | Mute.

Listen to Daniel Miller’s edit of Oxygen here:
Swans have just confirmed their return to Australia in early 2015 with appearances at Sugar Mountain Festival and MOFO as well as headline shows in both Melbourne and Sydney.
Swans are Michael Gira, Norman Westberg, Christoph Hahn, Phil Puleo, Thor Harris and Christopher Pravdica. Formed in 1982 and, after disbanding in 1997, returned with the critically acclaimed albums ‘My Father Will Guide Me Up A Rope To The Sky’ (2010), ‘The Seer’ (2012) and this year’s To Be Kind – which was awarded the #1 slot in The Quietus’ Albums of the Year So Far and featured in MOJO, Drowned In Sound, The 405, Rolling Stone and many more mid-year lists.

Saturday, 17 January || Hobart, TAS – MOFO Festival

Tuesday, 20 January  || Melbourne, VIC – Corner Hotel

Thursday, 22 January || Sydney, NSW – Manning Bar

Saturday, 24 January  || Melbourne, VIC – Sugar Mountain Festival

Review: Dead Can Dance – Anastasis

Artist: Dead Can Dance

Album: Anastasis

Label: PIAS

Date: 2012

Rating: 72 / 100


The opening track tells you everything you need to know, DCD are back like they never left.


It’s been 16 years since Lisa Gerrard & Brendan Perry entered a studio together and the result is something their fans have known since their first albums, their sum is far greater than their parts. During that 16 year hiatus Gerrard released a few collaborative albums and some soundtrack work, including the Grammy winning Gladiator soundtrack with Hans Zimmer, while Perry released what may well be the saddest solo release ever, 1999’s Eye of the Beholder

Designed on purpose to sound like a continuation of the DCD musical canon which ended with the 1996 release Spiritchaser, Anastasis (Greek for resurrection) holds up well, blending their newest muses (Morroco and Greece) to the core of the DCD sound, European folk and Middle Eastern fusion.

To my ear, the candy in this album is hidden in the centre. While the album as a whole is a fitting continuation of the DCD canon, it’s stand out tracks like Agape, Amnesia and Opium that best exemplify their new direction in sound.

Brendan Perry’s soulful baritone returns as does Lisa Gerrard’s wordless glossolalia (or language that is yet to be spoken – take your pick). Maybe these are the reasons that this album is not as compelling as it should be on multiple hearings. While there has been a progression in the instrumentation, the vocals haven’t grown or been influenced to the same extent.

Review: Alexander Tucker – Third Mouth

Artist: Alexander Tucker

Album: Third Mouth

Label: Thrill Jockey

Date: 2012

Rating: 89 / 100


I first heard Tucker from his previous album, 2011’s Dorwytch, his first LP for Thrill Jockey. To my ears, Dorwytch was Tucker’s best release to date. From that context this album was always going to struggle to sound as fresh and potent.


The creative force however, flows strong in this one as Tucker has seen a busy 12 months, recording solo, as a member of Grumbling Fur and Imbogodom. Thankfully Tucker is capable of delivering quantity with quality, a rare talent in the world of music.


Third Mouth delivers superbly, from the cover art (my favourite for 2012) to the lyrical content to the high watermark he reaches with his voice on this album compared to his earlier work reveals an artist who is striding forward and striving for more. He sounds more at one with his voice and its limits than on previous recordings a confidence that yields some very pretty results.


Tuckers use of cello, guitar, tamboura, electronics and voice, point to a brilliantly refined avant pop recording. All droned and blended together like a gothic psychedelic Van Gogh night-vision. Gothedelica anyone??


The more I listen the more I like about this album. Fewer tracks stand out in the mind because the standard is higher than on previous recordings. That being said, The Glass Axe, Mullioned View, Window Sill, Sitting in a Bardo Pond and RH are sublime examples of where Tucker is heading musically.


And did I mention the cello. Silky smooth dark Chocolate for the ears.